Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Motorcycle Jacket.

Hello, hello.
How is everyone doing? It's almost summer and I am getting antsy to make something. Anything really,  I have this cool pattern I bought on Burdastyle, here's a flat of it.

I have been wanting a motorcycle jacket for a long time, I actually blogged about a vintage one I saw here. I have a problem with the jacket fitting my shoulders and then I have to go up in size. It will fit my shoulders but then the body is big, so that's why I want to make my own. I have the pattern and I have my fabric so hopefully this summer I can start... Let me know are they any motorcycle jackets  you like or have to have? I think these would go well with those Skin Graft bags also.

Have a great week.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Loulouthi - Anna Maria Horner

Happy almost memorial day! Anybody have any bbq plans for the weekend? I love bbq but that sauce gets everywhere.... Where I am going with all of this is Anna Maria Horner  has a new line of fabric out and I love it. The name of it is Loulouthi. She has voiles, quilting weight cottons and some laminated cottons. The prints are adorable and I want to make myself a nice summer dress out of some of those voiles.

some miscellaneous prints from the lines below

All the pictures are from her blog. Go there to see some more pictures of the other prints. I love her fabric but I have yet to make anything out it. I have bought some of her fat quarter bundles but I just don't have the time to make anything. What about you? Do you like Anna Maria? Have you ever bought any of her fabric? Have a great memorial day weekend. 

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


This year I am seeing a lot of the neon colors. It doesn't matter if it is neon orange, green, pink or yellow. I have seen them all and I am guilty of buying these neon orange almost oxford like shoes. I changed the laces to black robbons but they are adorable. I even made a matching bow out of an equally bright fabric.

Picture by me

All this leads up to these neon green heels I just saw on jak&jil.

I think these are just as cool as my neon orange ones and they are a different neon color. This woman doesn't have on any other neon green things on but shes is staying the neon color range. I really like her outfit. What about you? Love neon or is it too close to the Eighties for you?

if you're looking to buy some neon clothing J. Crew has a bunch right now...

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Red Bull.

Does anyone remember those Red Bull commercials from maybe five or six years ago? The ones with that little dude and their tag line was " Red Bull gives you wiings!" I always thought they were funny but the point of this was because I was looking at Jak&Jil  and I saw these shoes.
Don't these shoes just yell Red Bull. I don't think I would ever wear these, they are a little weird for me but you never know. What about you? Are you a Red Bull person? Would you wear these? You wouldn't be able fly but you can think you can....
Happy Wednesday.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Hello, hello. How is everyone? Today's topic is Etsy. What do you think of it? As I shop more and more on there I am coming to think of it as a crafty ebay. Today I was browsing and I saw these lace fingerless gloves.
I thought how cool. At first I thought she made them out of old lace and then after flipping through the pictures I realized she had knit them. I mean I find something to buy on there every time I look but then I see people who post things they found at an estate sale or a thrift store. I mean I understand that if you don't sell it, it will become part of your collection, when someone else would enjoy it more. I guess it is a different form of ebay it is just geared to a certain demographic. What do you think? Are you an Etsy shopper or seller? Have a great rest of the week.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Leather again...

Remember my post last week about Skin Graft, well this week I was looking on the Barney's website and then I saw this in the top section.
This is a Givenchy harness top, it's $680 for one size. It seems that you tie it in the front so it is adjustable for your size but I don't think it's made for everyone. It is definitely not in  my budget, if it was I would so buy this. I think this would go great with anything that Skin Graft makes. I guess you can tell I love leather. What about you? Are you an animal right's person and don't want to harm the cows or are youa leather lover too?

If you are in LA and Givenchy is in your price point, Barney's is having a trunk show Tuesday April 12-13 in Beverly Hills. I don't kniow if there is a specific time but call them and see. This seems like it would fun if I had the time to go, so if anyone goes comeback and comment, let me know how it is.

Happy Wednesday.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Skin Graft

Hello Readers,
I hope everyone is doing well, today is a harness kind of day. Has anyone heard of Skin Graft? I first saw them at Pool Trade Show about three years ago and I thought how cool. Here's a pic:
I have this bag in canvas, I love it. It is great for concerts and when I go out because then I don't have to worry about my bag and it looks great. Skin Graft opened in May of 2008 and it looks like they are getting more popular. They specialize in leather and this season they seem to be focusing on knits also. Here is another bag that looks great with a motorcycle jacket and boots.
His jacket also goes well with that bag. I have been seeing more people wear their stuff and I think they haave a kind steampunk feel to some of there stuff. What do you think? Love it, hate it, I don't know.... Happe Wednesday.