Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Painter's Block

Hello long time no blog. I just got done with my collection for the Fashion 130 class and man was that class a lot of work. In the end it was very rewarding and I loved my mini collection and everyone else's, we worked hard. The class was only six weeks so I think you do need to do some prep work before the class even starts. I only did one pattern for this outfit ahead of time.

It was a rough pattern and I still had a lot of fitting to do on the blouse pattern once the class started but the outfit came out great. 

This dress that you are about to see is in it's third reincarnation. Originally I was going to do separates, but I wanted to save myself some time so I thought aha a dress should do the trick. I loved how this dress turned out, tell me what you think...

My final outfit is by far my favorite because it has my colors, the ones I love to wear and accessorize with. The pattern for both the shorts and blouse were time consuming but the final product looks great. 
Here is the front:

But my favorite part of the outfit is the back:

I think I am going to make that this top for me, I just have to fit the pattern. The only thing I am disappointed about is that I was not able make any accessories, I started a clutch on the final day of class but I was just a little burnt out to finish it, so accessories coming soon. I just want to thank Natalia at West Coast Runways for being my model and you should check out her post here, where she has pictures of almost everyone else's collections from our class. Let me know what you think and until next time, happy shopping!