Wednesday, April 6, 2011


This year I am seeing a lot of the neon colors. It doesn't matter if it is neon orange, green, pink or yellow. I have seen them all and I am guilty of buying these neon orange almost oxford like shoes. I changed the laces to black robbons but they are adorable. I even made a matching bow out of an equally bright fabric.

Picture by me

All this leads up to these neon green heels I just saw on jak&jil.

I think these are just as cool as my neon orange ones and they are a different neon color. This woman doesn't have on any other neon green things on but shes is staying the neon color range. I really like her outfit. What about you? Love neon or is it too close to the Eighties for you?

if you're looking to buy some neon clothing J. Crew has a bunch right now...

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