Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Leather again...

Remember my post last week about Skin Graft, well this week I was looking on the Barney's website and then I saw this in the top section.
This is a Givenchy harness top, it's $680 for one size. It seems that you tie it in the front so it is adjustable for your size but I don't think it's made for everyone. It is definitely not in  my budget, if it was I would so buy this. I think this would go great with anything that Skin Graft makes. I guess you can tell I love leather. What about you? Are you an animal right's person and don't want to harm the cows or are youa leather lover too?

If you are in LA and Givenchy is in your price point, Barney's is having a trunk show Tuesday April 12-13 in Beverly Hills. I don't kniow if there is a specific time but call them and see. This seems like it would fun if I had the time to go, so if anyone goes comeback and comment, let me know how it is.

Happy Wednesday.

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